A free Unity?

十月 29, 200940

Short answer: yes! Long answer: read on :) At the Unite 2009 conference we just announced that Unity Indie would be discontinued and t... 阅读更多

Unite 2009: Day 2 Begins

十月 28, 20092

As the sun rises over San Franciso we're gearing up for another exciting day at Unite 2009. Yesterday was a new experiment for us in having ... 阅读更多

Unite 09 Day 1

十月 28, 20099

For those who couldn't come or those who didn't know, today was the first day of Unite 09, everything was great! Still we had some minor ... 阅读更多

Preparing Unite

十月 26, 20092

So, a bunch of us are busy getting everything ready for Unite - check out this people of guys who's responsible for doing the conference vis... 阅读更多

Unity on the Web – Using Reddit to Keep Track

十月 20, 20095

With such a rapidly growing community and user base behind Unity it's become increasingly difficult to keep tabs on all the developer blogs,... 阅读更多

Unity Game Development Essentials

十月 14, 200911

By now many folks are aware of the fact that Will Goldstone has written a book about Unity, it's called Unity Game Development Essentials an... 阅读更多

SIEGE 2009 – My (Brief) Trip Report

十月 6, 20094

This past weekend I traveled down to Atlanta, Georgia to speak at SIEGE 2009 (Southern Interactive Entertainment & Game Expo). During my... 阅读更多

Building Buzz for Your Game

十月 5, 20094

We see new games being made with Unity at an ever increasing rate. A lot of them get picked up by the gaming media thanks to the sprawling c... 阅读更多

2.6 Web Player Community Preview

九月 30, 200914

Here we are again, putting the final touches on the latest and greatest release of Unity -- version 2.6. The team is already amazed at how m... 阅读更多

GamesIndustry.biz interview with Nicholas Francis

九月 23, 2009

GamesIndustry.biz's Phil Elliott talks to Unity CCO Nicholas Francis about iPhone development and the growth of Unity Technologies in this i... 阅读更多

5 Unity powered iPhone games in TOP100 right now!

九月 23, 20097

Thanks to you guys, having an iPhone game made with Unity topping iPhone chart sales is no surprise to anyone. But do you know that there we... 阅读更多

EA’s Greg Rinaldi Talks Unity

九月 21, 20091

ShogunGamer's Corey Rollins did a great interview with EA Tiburon's Greg Rinaldi about his team's experience using Unity to create Tiger Woo... 阅读更多

Unity User Meetup Tonight in Austin

九月 17, 2009

Just a quick announcement to say that our users have organized a gathering of Unity developers in downtown Austin at 8pm tonight (Thursday) ... 阅读更多