Belated Austin Wrap-Up

九月 30, 2008

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Unity office in Austin?

九月 15, 20082

From left to right you'll spot me, Amir, David and Sam, we're all here for the Austin GDC conference and so far each time we've made our way... 阅读更多

Hardware of the casual gamer, launched

八月 28, 20084

Almost a month ago I said we're preparing reports of Unity Web Player hardware statistics. Well, here they are: 阅读更多

Hardware of the casual gamer

八月 1, 200822

Pretty much everyone knows Valve's hardware survey - it's a very valuable resource that shows what hardware the typical "hardcore PC gamer" ... 阅读更多

What a week that was!

七月 28, 20086

I know it's been a while since I last posted so I figured that it was time to get back to blog posting and provide some updates as last week... 阅读更多

NeuroSky and Unity

四月 25, 200811

One of the coolest things about working at a tool company is the chance to see the interesting, innovative and exciting things people do wit... 阅读更多

Terrain lighting & shadows, and the road towards it

四月 14, 20085

People have been asking: why built-in shadows don't work on Unity's terrain? (here, here, ...) Yes, right now (Unity 2.0.2) they don't. Why ... 阅读更多

Sliced bread is overrated

四月 10, 20087

Just had this chat conversation: ... Joachim: yeah it's awesome Joachim: function Start () { /* super secret code snippet */ } Aras: who... 阅读更多

A must read: The Casual Games Manifesto

四月 9, 2008

I frequent many sites to stay up-to-date on various game industry news and today a real gem of an article appeared on Gamasutra courtesy of ... 阅读更多

Weekend in Berlin

四月 1, 20082

With our recent iPhone announcement having my mailbox boiling over, I'm so happy that I'll be spending a long weekend in Berlin. I'm flying ... 阅读更多

Silence? If only I could tell you!

三月 31, 20083

We haven't been making a lot of noise out of Unity Technologies HQ lately, but things have not been at a standstill. We're having daily conv... 阅读更多

Thoughts On Browser Plugin Penetration

三月 31, 20089

A very common question we get is "what is the penetration of the Unity plugin?" There's several ways to answer that question. It's in the... 阅读更多

Interview with ElectricSheepCompany

三月 28, 2008

ESC is a superbly innovative virtual worlds company, mostly based out of NY (like Unity, they have a diaspora of cool employees all over the... 阅读更多