Spotlight Team Best Practices: GUID based references

On the Spotlight Team, we work with the most ambitious Unity developers to try to push the boundary of what a Unity game can be. We see all ... 阅读更多

七月 19, 201827

Faces of Unity: Harry Rose

Our Sustained Engineering (SE) team exemplifies our commitment to providing timely, quality service to millions of Unity developers. Harry R... 阅读更多

七月 18, 20183

Cinemachine for 2D: Tips and Tricks

Have you been working on a camera system for your 2D game for ages and wish there was something like Cinemachine for 2D? Not many people kno... 阅读更多

七月 17, 20184

Stay up to date with the Unity Roadmap

At our recent Unite event in Berlin, we shared an update talk on our roadmap. We aim to do this more regularly, as we know it’s important to... 阅读更多

七月 16, 201828

Scripting Runtime Improvements in Unity 2018.2

We’ve been hard at work improving the updated scripting runtime since our last update. Unity 2018.2 ships with dozens of bug fixes related t... 阅读更多

七月 11, 201833

2018.2 is now available

Unity 2018.1 marked the start of a new cycle with two major innovations at the core. Together, the Scriptable Render Pipeline (SRP) and Shad... 阅读更多

七月 10, 2018125

Unity Hackweek 2018: Creating X Together

When do you do your best creative work? At Unity, we know that when you’re around people you trust, in a relaxed, friendly environment, and ... 阅读更多

七月 4, 20184

Rendering in the fast lane: Real-time results for automotive

Learn how a small team achieved jaw-dropping results in no time at all through CAD data import, prep, optimization with PiXYZ, Asset Store p... 阅读更多

七月 3, 201813

How the creator of Space for Unity saves you time while earning money

Asset Store publisher Stefan Persson is a master designer of space packages and creator of numerous sound effects. This Swedish wunderkind’s... 阅读更多

七月 1, 20186

Book of the Dead: Quixel, wind, scene building, and content optimization tricks

In this blog series, we will go over every aspect of the creation of our demo Book of the Dead. Today, we will focus on our partnership with... 阅读更多

六月 29, 201816

Will Wright’s Proxi Art Challenge Winners

Will Wright’s Proxi Art Challenge tasked artists to turn their personal memories into 3D game art, and with over a hundred outstanding submi... 阅读更多

六月 28, 2018回复

New Best Practice Guide – Memory Management in Unity

Here in Enterprise Support, we get to help out on many projects, with all kinds of combinations of Unity features. What we see is that 10 ou... 阅读更多

六月 27, 201825

Solving sparse-reward tasks with Curiosity

We just released the new version of ML-Agents toolkit (v0.4), and one of the new features we are excited to share with everyone is the abili... 阅读更多

六月 26, 201817