Exploring new ways to simulate the coronavirus spread

+5 五月 8, 20203

Computer simulation has been used for decades by researchers, engineers, problem solvers, and policy makers in many fields, including the st... 阅读更多

Making of The Heretic: Environment Art

五月 8, 20205

My name is Plamen ‘Paco’ Tamnev, and in the last couple of years, I’ve had the pleasure to be a part of the Unity Demo Team as a 3D characte... 阅读更多

Finger Food Advanced Technology Group joins Unity

五月 7, 202022

Unity is committed to helping all industries embrace the power of real-time 3D technology. To advance that mission, Unity has acquired Finge... 阅读更多

Faster builds with the new Caching Shader Preprocessor (Experimental)

五月 6, 20201

Shader compilation is a lengthy process that involves several steps. One of the first steps is preprocessing the shader source. Unity 2020.1... 阅读更多

How Sine Wave turned Unity game assets into an online workspace for remote teams

五月 5, 20205

When the global quarantine threatened the launch of their new Unity-based virtual world, Sine Wave rapidly created Breakroom, a 3D social hu... 阅读更多

Synthetic data: Simulating myriad possibilities to train robust machine learning models

+2 五月 1, 20204

Synthetic data helps many organizations overcome the challenge of acquiring labeled data needed for training machine learning models. This b... 阅读更多

Learn to create AR and VR apps in Unity

五月 1, 20203

Designed for creators new to AR and VR development, these comprehensive courses on the Unity Learn platform teach you the skills to build AR... 阅读更多

Buckle up: Create your own karting game at Your First Game Jam

四月 30, 20201

The Karting Microgame video game template just got a serious makeover to help new users get started in Unity, and we’re inviting you to mod ... 阅读更多

Pixyz’s 2020.1 update brings grit and gloss to data preparation

四月 29, 202010

For their 2020.1 release, our partners at Pixyz have focused on improvements ranging from core geometry capabilities and new import formats ... 阅读更多


Accelerate and enhance creativity with an example-based workflow

四月 27, 202012

When rapid, truly disruptive progress occurs in an industry, instabilities are created – and unstable systems don’t last. We see many exampl... 阅读更多

Working from home can help us be well

四月 24, 20206

Like others during this unique and uncertain time, we at Unity are following many of the fully remote work best practices that have been cir... 阅读更多

Combating the COVID-19 crisis with interactive safety training for healthcare workers

四月 24, 20202

Learn how Immersion, a digital studio, worked with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to quickly create and deploy an interactive train... 阅读更多


MARS Companion Apps

四月 23, 20202

The Mixed and Augmented Reality Studio (MARS) for Unity is a suite of authoring tools and runtime systems for creating the next generation o... 阅读更多