New Creator Kit: Beginner Code – Get coding quickly

In another exciting Creator Kit adventure, we’re bringing you the next installment, Beginner Code. Our Creator Kits are short tutorials that... 阅读更多

八月 22, 20195

Announcing the Unity for Humanity 2019 Challenge winner

There’s nothing more inspiring for us than seeing how creators are using Unity to produce world-changing games, films, and XR experiences. W... 阅读更多

八月 21, 20195

Now Available: The Spaceship Demo Project using VFX Graph and High-Definition Render Pipeline

Last year, at Unite LA, we released a video showcasing the brand-new Visual Effect Graph in action through a First-Person Game walkthrough, ... 阅读更多

八月 19, 201922

Snaps asset packs make it easy to bring your projects to life

The Asset Store and Unity tools like ProBuilder are great time savers that allow you to speed up prototyping, but we want to streamline the ... 阅读更多

八月 16, 20195

Accelerate your Terrain Material painting with the 2019.2 Terrain Tools update

After receiving your feedback, we are excited to share some new improvements to Terrain Material painting. Our 2019.2 Terrain Tools package ... 阅读更多

八月 15, 201911

Create with Code: Learn & teach computer programming by making games

Create with Code is Unity Education’s new, free program for teaching and learning computer science and Unity development. Channel students’ ... 阅读更多

八月 14, 20197

Faster C# scripting with JetBrains Rider

From time to time, we spotlight a tool from an Asset Store Partner that we believe some Unity developers might like to know more about. In t... 阅读更多

八月 13, 201943

Raise a bird in Unity, bring it to life with AI, & make Twitter love it

This year at AWE 2019, Chandana ‘Eka’ Ekanayake, co-founder and studio director of Outerloop Games, walked through the development process b... 阅读更多

八月 12, 20193

Unity Developer Day – Live from the Field

The Evangelism Team works year-round to bring you the latest and greatest content from Unity, especially at our Developer Days. A Unity Deve... 阅读更多

八月 9, 20192

Announcing the Obstacle Tower Challenge winners and open source release

After six months of competition (and a few last-minute submissions), we are happy to announce the conclusion and winners of the Obstacle Tow... 阅读更多

+1 八月 7, 20199

With a qualified expert to assist you, Unity Live Help makes learning easy

We’re excited to announce Unity Live Help (Beta), our new platform for one-on-one lessons. Read on to learn how Unity Live Help can help you... 阅读更多

八月 6, 20199

Don’t miss Unite Copenhagen – where creativity and technology converge

Join us for Unite Copenhagen on September 23-26 to take part in one of the most highly anticipated tech conferences of the year. There’ll be... 阅读更多

八月 6, 2019回复

2D Pixel Perfect: How to set up your Unity project for retro 16-bit games

In our first 2D Pixel Perfect guide for retro games, we showed you how to set up the 2D Pixel Perfect tool and how 8-bit graphics were made ... 阅读更多

+1 八月 2, 201910