HDRP: Out of Preview in 2019.3

二月 24, 202013

Version 7.2.0 of the HDRP package is now out of Preview and verified for production. That means we guarantee stability, platform support and... 阅读更多

Unity Education – From classrooms to conferences

二月 21, 2020回复

Around the world, students and teachers are using Unity to bring their creativity to life. See how real-time technology helps people inside ... 阅读更多

Create beautiful and complex effects with the Visual Effect Graph: Verified in 2019.3

二月 21, 20207

Visual Effect Graph has many new features and fixes based on your feedback, so you can start using it in production with the High Definition... 阅读更多

50 Megatons of real-time collaboration: This student film made with Unity is getting noticed

二月 19, 20205

How did a student film on a minimal budget find itself sharing the nominee spotlight with blockbuster productions like The Lion King and The... 阅读更多

Game on: Join us at GDC 2020

二月 18, 20206

Update: After much thought and deliberation, we have made the difficult decision to pull out of GDC 2020. The current conditions with COVID-... 阅读更多


+2 二月 14, 2020回复

隶属于Unity实验室ATG组的空间性设计团队目前正在为火星计划(Project MARS)开发一款头戴设备(HMD)的配套应用。火星计划及其配套应用作为Unity的扩展程序,可以帮助开发者构建混合现实与实景增强体验以及与现实世界进行的智能交互。头戴设备配套应用则将成为Unity... 阅读更多

More animation, faster: Studio Gale on how Unity accelerated TOMONCAR production

二月 13, 20204

In its quest to release 60 animated episodes of TOMONCAR in a single drop, Studio Gale was determined to streamline processes and make its p... 阅读更多

What experts expect from enterprise augmented reality and virtual reality in 2020

二月 12, 20203

Industry experts and analysts anticipate 2020 will be a breakthrough year for AR and VR in the enterprise sector. Wonder why? We invited 15 ... 阅读更多

Achieve beautiful, scalable, and performant graphics with the Universal Render Pipeline

二月 10, 202031

Universal Render Pipeline is a powerful, ready-to-use solution with a full suite of artist tools for content creation. You should use this r... 阅读更多

How on-demand rendering can improve mobile performance

二月 7, 202020

It’s not always desirable to render a project at the highest frame rate possible, for a variety of reasons, especially on mobile platforms. ... 阅读更多

Behind the Lost Crypt: Art in our new 2D Sample project

二月 6, 20201

We’ve recently hosted a webinar about our new 2D sample project, Lost Crypt. Huge thanks to all of you who joined and contributed to a great... 阅读更多

Managing credentials at Unity

二月 3, 20203

As part of our Secure Software Development Life Cycle (SSDLC) at Unity, we’d like to share our credential management strategy. Managing toke... 阅读更多

Digging into Terrain Paint Holes in Unity 2019.3

一月 31, 202011

Unity 2019.3 continues to bring more exciting updates to Unity’s Terrain system, including – by popular demand – the ability to create holes... 阅读更多