Making of The Heretic: The VFX-driven character Morgan

六月 29, 20206

Creating a character with the help of Visual Effects Graph was an interesting challenge for the Unity Demo team. As someone who spent a lot ... 阅读更多

Artists and Designers: here are the Unite Now sessions for you

六月 26, 20203

With Unity, artists and designers can reduce their reliance on programmers and technical artists to implement their ideas, and keep more cre... 阅读更多

Blend virtual content and the real world with Unity’s AR Foundation, now supporting the ARCore Depth API

+1 六月 25, 20206

Unity’s AR Foundation 4.1 supports Google’s new ARCore Depth API. With the addition of this capability, AR Foundation developers can now del... 阅读更多

Unity Reflect adds Navisworks integration to enable BIM coordination

+1 六月 25, 20207

New Unity Reflect release adds Navisworks support, project sharing through cloud, and improved navigation and visuals. We created Unity R... 阅读更多


AR Foundation support for ARKit 4 Depth

+1 六月 24, 20205

The new Apple iPad Pro comes equipped with a LiDAR scanner that provides enhanced scene understanding and real-world depth information to br... 阅读更多

Package Manager updates in Unity 2020.1

六月 24, 202038

As more features in different stages of development move into packages, choosing the right tools for your project can be challenging. Update... 阅读更多

Learn Premium is now available to everyone at no cost

六月 23, 202077

With the rapidly changing economic landscape, there is an unprecedented need for people to develop in-demand skills. That’s why, starting to... 阅读更多

Unity coming to Apple silicon

+2 六月 23, 202021

At WWDC, Apple announced the next evolution of the Mac. To ensure your games are future-proof, Unity has been working closely with Apple to ... 阅读更多

Learn how Animation Rigging can level up animation in your project

+1 六月 18, 202011

A year ago, Unity introduced a preview package called Animation Rigging, and we’re adding new functionality to it in 2020. We’re also sharin... 阅读更多

Scaling Kubernetes Jobs for Unity Simulation

+4 六月 17, 20202

Unity Simulation enables product developers, researchers, and engineers to smoothly and efficiently run thousands of instances of parameteri... 阅读更多

Fulfill your destiny with the Fantastic Fantasy Mega Bundle

六月 16, 20203

Fantasy is the realm of choice for more Asset Store users than any other theme, so we’re excited to celebrate worlds of myth and imagination... 阅读更多


六月 15, 20207

光照是游戏中最重要的视觉元素之一。来自 Arm 的合作伙伴提供了一些实用技巧,可帮助您优化手机游戏的光照效果。 在渲染一款手机游戏时,光照可能是要考虑的最大性能因素之一。这也是实现视觉风格的最重要组成部分之一。然而,艺术目标与性能常常彼此矛盾。 好在有许多方法可以在照... 阅读更多

Simplify game error reporting with Backtrace

六月 11, 20206

Programmers are all too familiar with the time-consuming efforts of analyzing the crash and error reports they receive during new feature de... 阅读更多