Reimagining in-vehicle experiences with real-time 3D

一月 14, 20203

Unity is teaming up with NXP Semiconductors, the world’s largest provider of automotive semiconductors, to demonstrate a human-machine inter... 阅读更多


Understanding Lifetime Value and using it to grow your game

一月 13, 202010

The secret to creating a successful mobile games business is to have players that come back to your game day after day. The way to do that i... 阅读更多

How to set up Unity’s High Definition Render Pipeline for high-end visualizations

一月 9, 202017

Prior to Unite Copenhagen in September 2019, Unity collaborated with Lexus and its agency Team One to showcase a real-time car configurator ... 阅读更多

7 steps to grow your game with paid user acquisition

一月 8, 20203

After countless hours of development and iteration, you finally launched your mobile game in various app stores. But this is just the beginn... 阅读更多

Unity at Sundance Film Festival 2020

一月 7, 20205

In January of 2020, real-time storytellers will be able to dazzle and inspire the Sundance Film Festival audience with immersive creative ac... 阅读更多

Unity Simulation is now on AWS, making it multi-cloud compatible

+1 一月 7, 20206

Today at CES, we announced that Unity Simulation, our cloud-based simulation product, is now multi-cloud compatible with its launch on Amazo... 阅读更多

Mixed and Augmented Reality Studio (MARS): Designing a framework for simplified, flexible AR authoring

一月 3, 20203

We set out to build workflows that give creators the ability to make AR applications that work the way we want them to: context-aware, flexi... 阅读更多

Lexus opens the door for virtual production in Unity

一月 2, 20201

Car buyers increasingly expect rich and unique online experiences during their purchase journeys. In this post, learn how Lexus is using Uni... 阅读更多


The most wonderful (real)time of the year

十二月 23, 20193

The excitement of the holiday season is all around us. It’s in the ambient festive buzz. The queues at the shops. The crowded flights, train... 阅读更多

EditorXR Runtime

十二月 20, 20199

In 2016, Unity Lab’s Authoring Tools Group released the first version of EditorXR, our extension for working in Unity’s Scene View in XR hea... 阅读更多

How Tactic used augmented reality to bring Coca-Cola to life for the holidays

十二月 19, 20191

Tactic is using Unity to pioneer a new category of brand marketing: AR-enhanced product packaging. Pointing your phone’s camera at a package... 阅读更多

Download our new 2D sample project: Lost Crypt

+1 十二月 18, 201929

We put our new 2D tools through their paces to create a 2D side-scroller demo. In this post we show how these integrated 2D tools can help y... 阅读更多

XR Interaction Toolkit Preview Package is here

+1 十二月 17, 201919

The XR Interaction Toolkit enables you to add interactivity to your AR & VR experiences, across our supported platforms, without having ... 阅读更多