The 10 commandments of asset promotion

十月 21, 20139

Maybe you’ve created a great 3D model or an editor extension for Unity, but now it’s sitting at the Asset Store shelves and gathering dust. ... 阅读更多

Unity 4.2.2 brings iOS Game Controller support

十月 11, 201324

Like most mobile games developers, we've been closely following what important additions and changes the recently released iOS 7 update has ... 阅读更多

Let’s Get Serious – Call for Non-game Unity Projects

十月 4, 201316

Given the very wide range of industries currently using Unity, it’s impossible for us to keep track of all the creative non-game projects. T... 阅读更多

Announcing Unity Games Publishing

九月 20, 201310

Making phenomenal games and supporting talented developers--that’s what Unity Games is about. Unity has empowered game creators like never b... 阅读更多

Oculus IndieCade VR Jam Wrap Up

九月 20, 2013

Since August 2nd, 220 teams of developers around the world have been working on projects to explore the Oculus Rift's capabilities. Of th... 阅读更多

Unite 2013 Training Day

九月 4, 201320

This year at Unite 2013, two hundred and fifty people arrived at the Unite conference a day before the keynote, to take part in the training... 阅读更多

Announcing Unity Cloud and our mobile ads service

八月 30, 201312

What is Unity Cloud? Unity Cloud is a suite of cloud services that empowers game developers to build, market and operate compelling multipla... 阅读更多

Keynote insights from Unite 2013

八月 29, 201323

Unite 2013 has begun! We kicked everything off with the Unity Technologies keynote address and covered a huge amount of news and insight abo... 阅读更多

Unity Native 2D Tools

八月 28, 2013140

As part of our Unity 4.3 announcement here at Unite '13, we're thrilled to show off our native support for 2D development. Our users have be... 阅读更多

Qualcomm at Unite 2013

八月 27, 20131

One of those partners is Qualcomm. In the following blog post, Qualcomm’s Product Manager Umberto Cannarsa explains a little bit about some ... 阅读更多

UMA goes open-beta!

八月 26, 20137

Ahoy Unity developers!  You may have heard a little bit about Fernando Ribiero's UMA (Unity Multipurpose Avatar) system, which is being deve... 阅读更多

In-Game advertising with PaeDae

八月 26, 20134

New Online Services partner - PaeDae PaeDae's motto, Everybody Wins, captures the service's essence: combining achievement rewards with car... 阅读更多

Interview with the team behind Profi Developers

八月 26, 20132

A chat with Asset Store publisher Profi Developers What do you sell in the Asset Store? Daniel Sklar (CTO): We primarily prepare 3D envi... 阅读更多