Testing Unity part 2

五月 24, 201216

Time for the second installment of what testing Unity is like (first one here). As mentioned in the previous post we have STEs (Software Tes... 阅读更多

Tutorial: Sprite Optimizations using 2D Toolkit.

五月 22, 2012

Installation Once you download 2D Toolkit from the Asset Store and import it into your project, you should be ready to go. You can upgrade ... 阅读更多

Creative Assembly Developer Profile

五月 15, 20128

The Creative Assembly is a veteran game studio celebrating its 25th birthday this year. Known for the Total War game series, they have recen... 阅读更多

Unity Earns Top Spot at 2012 American Business Awards

五月 10, 201210

Today Unity was named a Finalist in The 2012 American Business Awards “Most Innovative Tech Company of the Year– up to 2500 employees” categ... 阅读更多

Testing Unity

五月 8, 201213

It’s been a fair while since we wrote a post about testing Unity, so we‘d like to update you on what’s going on in QA. This is the first of ... 阅读更多

London Unity Usergroup 11

四月 27, 20129

London Southbank University, April 25th 2012 marked the 1 year anniversary of London Unity Usergroup. A celebration complete with free t-shi... 阅读更多

Unity-authored projects win top honors at serious games and virtual reality conferences

四月 26, 201211

After GDC, we took some time to spread our wings outside of the entertainment space to exhibit at industry events for military training, and... 阅读更多

Molyjam 2012

四月 11, 20123

I love game jams, there is something so incredible about setting out on a quest to craft a game with a tight deadline that can really push c... 阅读更多

Tutorial: Build a maze game level within Unity using GameDraw

四月 7, 2012

GameDraw is a 3D modeling extension for Unity developed by Mixed Dimensions that reduces the time you use on switching back and forth betwee... 阅读更多

Tutorial: How to publish and make money on the Asset Store

四月 7, 2012

Are you a 3D modeler, coder, sound designer, or texture artist? Do you have a solution of your own that other people will find useful and ti... 阅读更多

Interview: Super-seller Michael Lyashenko of Tasharen Entertainment

四月 7, 2012

We are blown away by how the developers and designers selling their wares through the Asset Store are fuelling a unique and largely self-sus... 阅读更多

London Unity Usergroup 10

四月 2, 20122

Thursday 29th March 2012 saw the tenth London Unity Usergroup, and a fantastic talk by Tom Betts. Tom specialises in procedural and generati... 阅读更多

Semantic Game Builder Interface to be Integrated Into Unity

四月 1, 201224

Unity Technologies today announced a new feature under development aimed at aiding game developers bring their visions into reality. The ... 阅读更多