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标签存档: 2018.3

Visual Effect Graph Samples

三月 6, 20197

Visual Effect Graph empowers you to author next-generation visual effects through its node-based behaviors and GPU-based compute power. For ... 阅读更多

Unity 2018.3 Shader Graph Update: Lit Master Node

十二月 19, 201819

These HD Lit Advanced Features, or HD Lit AF, include coat-mask, iridescence, translucency, subsurface scattering, and anisotropy. This b... 阅读更多

Introducing Unity 2018.3

十二月 13, 201878

Unity 2018.3 introduces improved Prefab workflows, including nesting, as well as enhancements to our Scriptable Render Pipeline, Terrain sys... 阅读更多

Physics Changes in Unity 2018.3 Beta

十一月 12, 201835

The main change Unity 2018.3 brings to physics is the 3D physics engine upgrade, from PhysX 3.3.3 to PhysX 3.4.2. It’s the first time we shi... 阅读更多

Optimizing loading performance: Understanding the Async Upload Pipeline

十月 8, 201832

Nobody likes loading screens. Did you know that you can quickly adjust Async Upload Pipeline (AUP) parameters to significantly improve your ... 阅读更多

Support for Android App Bundle (AAB) in Unity 2018.3 beta

十月 3, 20188

Larger apps and games convert fewer Google Play store visits into installs. This is because users are conscious of using up storage on their... 阅读更多

Win cool beta swag, meet us at Unite LA and learn from new prefab workflow demos

十月 1, 20185

Unity 2018.3 beta is now available and keeps getting better with every release, with improvements and fixes based on your feedback. We’re al... 阅读更多

Unity 2018.3 beta: Get early access now

九月 13, 201858

In July, we launched Unity 2018.2, which improved the performance of both the Lightweight Render Pipeline (LWRP) and the High Definition Ren... 阅读更多