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Support for Apple Sign in

+1 九月 19, 201911

At Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June, Apple announced a new product: Sign in with Apple. With the imminent release of iOS 13 on... 阅读更多

AR Foundation support for ARKit 3

六月 6, 201913

Unity has been working closely with Apple throughout the development of ARKit 3, and we are excited to bring these new features to Unity dev... 阅读更多

What’s new in Unity ARKit Plugin for ARKit 2

六月 14, 201810

Apple announced exciting news for AR developers last week at WWDC, including ARKit 2. Unity has worked closely with Apple to allow our devel... 阅读更多

WWDC18: Book of the Dead debuts on MacBook Pro; ARKit 2 available for Unity devs

+2 六月 5, 201815

What an exciting WWDC18 keynote! Apple showcased some of the great new features coming with iOS 12, including significant updates to ARKit. ... 阅读更多

Developing for ARKit 1.5 update using Unity ARKit Plugin

二月 16, 201818

Unity’s ARKit plugin now supports the new augmented reality (AR) features Apple announced in their Spring 2018 Update.  The launch of ARKit ... 阅读更多

ARKit Face Tracking on iPhone X

十一月 3, 201716

ARKit has been established as a reliable way to do stable consumer level AR since its first announcement at WWDC in June. More recently, dur... 阅读更多

Get Ready to Launch Your ARKit App on iOS11

九月 12, 20176

Today Apple announced that iOS 11 will launch on September 19, and with it the official release version of the ARKit framework. Soon develop... 阅读更多

Introducing the Unity ARKit Remote

八月 3, 201718

When Apple announced at WWDC that ARKit framework was going to be part of iOS11, there was great excitement in the development community, as... 阅读更多