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Creating safer construction projects with virtual reality

三月 5, 20203

Laing O’Rourke, one of the largest privately-owned construction companies in the UK, harnessed the power of Unity’s real-time 3D development... 阅读更多


Best practices for bringing AR applications to the field

二月 28, 2020回复

Learn how industrial giant ABB is using Unity and augmented reality to transform field maintenance procedures into a completely paperless pr... 阅读更多


+2 二月 14, 2020回复

隶属于Unity实验室ATG组的空间性设计团队目前正在为火星计划(Project MARS)开发一款头戴设备(HMD)的配套应用。火星计划及其配套应用作为Unity的扩展程序,可以帮助开发者构建混合现实与实景增强体验以及与现实世界进行的智能交互。头戴设备配套应用则将成为Unity... 阅读更多

Unity XR platform updates

+1 一月 24, 202053

Amidst a period of innovation for XR, we want to ensure Unity remains the best development platform for creators and our ecosystem partners.... 阅读更多

Mixed and Augmented Reality Studio (MARS): Designing a framework for simplified, flexible AR authoring

一月 3, 20203

We set out to build workflows that give creators the ability to make AR applications that work the way we want them to: context-aware, flexi... 阅读更多

How Tactic used augmented reality to bring Coca-Cola to life for the holidays

十二月 19, 20191

Tactic is using Unity to pioneer a new category of brand marketing: AR-enhanced product packaging. Pointing your phone’s camera at a package... 阅读更多

XR Interaction Toolkit Preview Package is here

+1 十二月 17, 201919

The XR Interaction Toolkit enables you to add interactivity to your AR & VR experiences, across our supported platforms, without having ... 阅读更多

How immersive experiences inspire empathy and real-world behavior change

十一月 22, 20191

Fly into an exclusive game that combines ornithology, AR Foundation, and a fair amount of feathers. Krikey is a location-based augmented rea... 阅读更多

Labs Spotlight: Project MARS

十月 2, 20199

Project MARS, Mixed and Augmented Reality Studio, is a new Unity toolset specifically designed to help our creators make better spatial expe... 阅读更多

Connecting design and construction with Unity Reflect

九月 25, 20195

Check out the first project leveraging Unity’s new architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) product, Unity Reflect. Designed by awa... 阅读更多


Bringing immersive storytelling to brands at NewFronts West 2019

九月 19, 20192

Storytelling transports us to new worlds. Remember when you were five years old and you could imagine the stories you heard coming to life? ... 阅读更多

Showcasing the world’s first photorealistic mixed reality demo by Varjo and Volvo

九月 9, 20191

Get a behind-the-scenes look at an ambitious automotive project made with Unity from Varjo, the maker of industrial VR/XR headsets known for... 阅读更多

Augmented reality: How the world will be painted with data

七月 29, 2019

In the recently published book, Convergence: How The World Will Be Painted With Data, author and Forbes columnist Charlie Fink shares how au... 阅读更多