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Creating safer construction projects with virtual reality

三月 5, 20203

Laing O’Rourke, one of the largest privately-owned construction companies in the UK, harnessed the power of Unity’s real-time 3D development... 阅读更多


What experts expect from enterprise augmented reality and virtual reality in 2020

二月 12, 20203

Industry experts and analysts anticipate 2020 will be a breakthrough year for AR and VR in the enterprise sector. Wonder why? We invited 15 ... 阅读更多

Explore Revit models in VR with Unity Reflect

一月 23, 202010

Unity Reflect makes it easy to bring Building Information Modeling (BIM) data into virtual reality (VR). Learn how you can use the Unity Ref... 阅读更多


Mixed and Augmented Reality Studio (MARS): Designing a framework for simplified, flexible AR authoring

一月 3, 20203

We set out to build workflows that give creators the ability to make AR applications that work the way we want them to: context-aware, flexi... 阅读更多

How Tactic used augmented reality to bring Coca-Cola to life for the holidays

十二月 19, 20191

Tactic is using Unity to pioneer a new category of brand marketing: AR-enhanced product packaging. Pointing your phone’s camera at a package... 阅读更多

How immersive experiences inspire empathy and real-world behavior change

十一月 22, 20191

Fly into an exclusive game that combines ornithology, AR Foundation, and a fair amount of feathers. Krikey is a location-based augmented rea... 阅读更多

Labs Spotlight: Project MARS

十月 2, 20199

Project MARS, Mixed and Augmented Reality Studio, is a new Unity toolset specifically designed to help our creators make better spatial expe... 阅读更多

Augmented reality: How the world will be painted with data

七月 29, 2019

In the recently published book, Convergence: How The World Will Be Painted With Data, author and Forbes columnist Charlie Fink shares how au... 阅读更多

How Team One used Unity to spread Holiday Cheer with AR Technology

十二月 15, 2018

Looking to spread joy at the end of what they describe as a “pretty dark” year, Team One created Happy Things, an “augmented reality happine... 阅读更多

ARCore and Unity: A look at 2018 and the road ahead

十二月 11, 20184

Unity and Google are committed to making augmented reality (AR) mainstream. As we continue to work together towards that goal, let’s take a ... 阅读更多

Facial AR Remote: Animating with AR

八月 13, 201821

With the release of ARKit and the iPhone X paired with Unity, developers have an easy-to-use set of tools to create beautiful and expressive... 阅读更多

What’s new in Unity ARKit Plugin for ARKit 2

六月 14, 201810

Apple announced exciting news for AR developers last week at WWDC, including ARKit 2. Unity has worked closely with Apple to allow our devel... 阅读更多

How ARCore enables you to create brand new types of user interaction (Part III)

+1 五月 1, 20181

In part I and part II of our ARCore blog series, we shared how you can leverage ARCore for Unity features, like motion tracking to create a ... 阅读更多