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Help us beta-test Unity 2017.3 and earn a chance to win a Mixed Reality headset

十一月 10, 20179

Beta testing helps us find bugs, test out new features and make sure the end result provides a great experience for everyone. But the public... 阅读更多

2017.2 beta sweepstakes winners found

十月 30, 20171

Thanks to everyone who helped us introduce the next release of Unity by being part of the 2017.2 Beta. We have now identified the first 200 ... 阅读更多

The future of Unity is just a few clicks away

十月 21, 201717

The 2017.3 beta is out, and you can get early access to the 2017.3 features right away, including the newest improvements of the Particle Sy... 阅读更多

Unity 2017.3 Beta is out

九月 30, 201722

Have you ever considered being a beta tester? You’ll get early access to the latest new features, and you can test if your project is compat... 阅读更多

Get Started in Unity with Interactive Tutorials

九月 7, 201722

Interactive Tutorials are a new fully interactive way of getting started in Unity. The new Tutorial panel in Unity 2017.2 guides you and ... 阅读更多

Help us beta-test Unity 2017.2 and earn a chance to win a $50 asset store gift card

八月 23, 20174

Beta testing is important to Unity because it helps us find bugs, test out new features and make sure the end result provides a great experi... 阅读更多

Linear Rendering Support with WebGL 2.0

七月 17, 20179


[UPDATE] In Development – Unity Splash screen tools – in beta!

九月 12, 201676

Delivering on the promise we made when we announced our new products and pricing in June, we’re excited to announce that the new Unity splas... 阅读更多

Unity Beta Tips: How to participate effectively in the beta program

五月 17, 20164

As part of our ongoing commitment to both stability and innovation, we are unveiling some new and improved resources for Unity beta particip... 阅读更多

Maintaining a stable version of Unity while keeping up the pace of innovation

三月 15, 201638

In response to recent user feedback, we’ve decided to make a full public beta of Unity 5.4 available in addition to our current stable relea... 阅读更多

Enhanced visuals, better performance, and more: the Unity 5.4 public beta is ready for you to download

三月 15, 201660

As part of our commitment to bringing you stable products, Unity 5.4 is now available as a beta to all Unity users, including everyone using... 阅读更多

Cinematic Image Effects (pre-release)

十二月 10, 201540

Hi! At Unity we are currently developing a number of new Image Effects. The idea behind these effects is that they should look amazing and s... 阅读更多

Unity 4.0 third public beta (including free version)

十一月 1, 201222

Helloes! We are in the finishing stages of Unity 4.0 release. So here's the third beta build: A chang... 阅读更多