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Unity Downloader: Powering the Editor as a continuous integration dependency

七月 15, 201917

Unity has been using Katana over the years for continuous integration (CI). Katana is used for building the releases and running all our int... 阅读更多

Unity Cloud Build最新炫酷功能抢先看!

十一月 6, 201421

自从我们对Unity专业版的用户提前开放了Unity官方的Continuous Build Distribution Service以来,我们一直忙于处理大家的反馈并据此来创建前所未有的云构建服务。 对Unity Cloud Build一无所知?敬请点击查看了解其简单工作流程或... 阅读更多

Katana: Leveraging Open-Source Tools for Continuous Integration

六月 2, 20148

For a few years, Unity has used TeamCity from JetBrains for automated building and testing.  As the R&D team grew here at Unity, the dem... 阅读更多