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Our response to Improbable’s blog post (and why you can keep working on your SpatialOS game)

一月 10, 2019255

Improbable published a blog post regarding their relationship with Unity earlier today. Improbable’s blog is incorrect. We terminated our... 阅读更多

A Look Inside: Unity Release Management Series

八月 1, 201614

I didn’t expect to be writing up this blog post. I initially wrote up an email congratulating the company on our release and highlighting ch... 阅读更多

Unity 5.4 is out – here’s what’s in it

七月 28, 2016105

The wait is over, and Unity 5.4 has been released! You can download it here. As we announced in March, we’ve put extra resources into beta... 阅读更多

Maintaining a stable version of Unity while keeping up the pace of innovation

三月 15, 201638

In response to recent user feedback, we’ve decided to make a full public beta of Unity 5.4 available in addition to our current stable relea... 阅读更多

Enhanced visuals, better performance, and more: the Unity 5.4 public beta is ready for you to download

三月 15, 201660

As part of our commitment to bringing you stable products, Unity 5.4 is now available as a beta to all Unity users, including everyone using... 阅读更多

Unity Technologies New Parental Leave Policy

一月 21, 201621

Let’s face it, it’s not easy to balance work when starting a family. Historically, that has meant postponing, or even ending, the mother’s c... 阅读更多

Mike Capps Joins Unity as Internal Advisor

五月 7, 201517

I’m very excited to announce that Dr. Mike Capps will be joining Unity Technologies as an advisor to me, our exec team and to our core R&... 阅读更多

Announcing Support for Microsoft HoloLens

四月 29, 201533

Holograms for all! We’ve expanded our strategic collaboration with Microsoft to include full support for Microsoft HoloLens holographic comp... 阅读更多

Unity 新CEO 走马上任 新战略新形象新的未来

十月 22, 2014219

各位好,就如大家所知道的,最近Unity在市场上有了一些比较大的动作。我们开始跟一些很棒的企业合作,并投入许多的精力及资源去发展相关的技术,帮助各位在开发游戏时,能够更有效率地去做开发;而在各位的游戏开发完成后准备好上线时,我们也能够帮助你的游戏跟质量好的受众做连接。 这些... 阅读更多

Oculus 将发布Unity 专用套件

九月 20, 201465

Brendan Iribe今天带来很多好消息,他在Oculus Connect论坛的演说中宣布我们两家公司更扩大了合作关系,确保Unity在全部的开发社群更普及。意思就是说,往后不管你用Unity Free或是Unity Pro,你都可以透过Oculus眼镜来建立超酷的VR体验,... 阅读更多

Great News for PlayStation Developers!

九月 17, 201429

(Edit: There have been a few questions about the Pro nature of these tools. To clarify, it is not necessary to own Unity Pro to take advanta... 阅读更多

Building and Maintaining Value for Developers

八月 14, 201481

It’s hard to believe, but there’s less than a week left until Unite! We’re very excited to meet so many of you, and we’ll have more develope... 阅读更多

Unity Roadmap 2011

六月 16, 2011203

Unity 3.4 is nearing release, and we wanted to share some the features that will be included and also share with you a roadmap for what we a... 阅读更多