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Navigating Unity’s multiplayer Netcode transition

六月 13, 201966

This blog was last updated, 27th April 2020. As many of you know, we put UNet into maintenance mode because we believe there is a better wa... 阅读更多

Introducing the FPS Sample

十月 24, 201827

At Unite LA yesterday, we announced the first release of the FPS Sample project,  a multiplayer First-Person Shooter game. You can now downl... 阅读更多

Multiplayer Connected Games: First steps forward

九月 12, 201848

As part of our commitment to solving challenges for connected games development, we’ve focused first on real-time multiplayer games, and we’... 阅读更多

Evolving multiplayer games beyond UNet

八月 2, 2018104

Through our connected games initiatives, we’re revamping how we can make networked games easier, more performant, and multiplayer-ready by d... 阅读更多

Bringing connected games within reach with Google Cloud

六月 21, 201834

At Unite Berlin, we announced a strategic alliance with Google Cloud. Together, we are building a suite of features that will help you creat... 阅读更多

Connected games, facial mocap, New Prefabs workflow preview, and more news from Unite Berlin

六月 19, 20188

We kicked off Unite Berlin today! We couldn’t be happier to finally share all of the exciting news that we’ve been working on, from our stra... 阅读更多