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Verifying the scripting docs – Fun with EditorTests

八月 18, 201718

When I encounter an API in Unity that I am unfamiliar with the first thing I (and most of us) do is go to the Unity Scripting API Manual to ... 阅读更多

Unity Documentation in 2017

一月 26, 201740

Hello from the Documentation team! We’ve had an incredible year in 2016, and we want to show you some of the changes we’ve made, both to the... 阅读更多

Get started with VR! Sample pack & Learning Articles

十二月 9, 20157

With Playstation Experience showcasing Playstation VR and the release of Samsung & Oculus' GearVR in the news in the past two weeks, it'... 阅读更多

完善Unity 5文档由你做主

十一月 12, 201432

我们知道大部分用户都希望能更容易的反馈关于Unity文档的建议,所以我们做了个实验来看看它是否可行。 为了获悉我们能从社区得到何样的反馈,我们在官方手册页增加了“Suggest a Change”功能。该功能在整个八月期间有效。页面如下: 我们想了解我们能收到... 阅读更多

Documentation, Unity scripting languages and you

九月 3, 201486

Currently, according to our editor analytics statistics, the percentage of scripts created in the three languages break down like this: T... 阅读更多

Building Better Documentation

七月 1, 201424

One of the hardest things about writing documentation as a developer is to step into the shoes of the user. When you know everything about a... 阅读更多