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Enlighten will be replaced with a robust solution for Baked and Real-time GIobal Illumination

七月 3, 201963

Unity is required to remove Enlighten but will continue support as-is through 2020 LTS. We have a robust replacement for Enlighten Baking wi... 阅读更多

Bedroom demo: Archviz with SSRR

十一月 10, 201588

As you may know, Unity 5.3, due early December, is currently scheduled to come with screen-space raytraced reflections. So earlier this year... 阅读更多

Awesome realtime Global Illumination demo

十一月 5, 201548

We've teamed up with Alex Lovett again and built a demo using the realtime GI features in Unity 5. 阅读更多

The freedom to create your own kind of beautiful

七月 17, 20157

It thrilled us to see so much high-quality, cross-platform content on display at Unite Europe. Iestyn Lloyd and Adam Simonar were two speake... 阅读更多

@Heliosdoublesix does Arch-viz with realtime Global Illumination

二月 24, 201528

Is it possible to dial up the quality level in Unity 5 high enough to make high-end architectural visualizations? In response Alex Lovett a... 阅读更多

Working with Physically-Based Shading: a Practical Approach

二月 18, 201535

Throughout the development of Unity 5, we’ve used our Viking Village project internally as a testing ground for shading and lighting workflo... 阅读更多

Pollen VR: Developing high-end visuals with Unity 5

二月 16, 201510

More stories from the adventures of an EMEA field engineer! Today, I wanted to share with you the development of Pollen VR. Mindfield Games ... 阅读更多