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The Unity Developer Day Tour Continues!

七月 31, 20186

Join a Unity Developer Day near you to enjoy a full day of expert-level talks by Unity staff, development case studies by regional industry ... 阅读更多

Will Wright’s Proxi Art Challenge Winners

六月 28, 2018

Will Wright’s Proxi Art Challenge tasked artists to turn their personal memories into 3D game art, and with over a hundred outstanding submi... 阅读更多

How Unity Evangelists enable creator success

六月 5, 20183

Whether at a conference, on social media, or during a livestream, the Unity community often crosses paths with one of our Unity Evangelists.... 阅读更多

Unite Berlin 2018: First sessions announced!

四月 25, 20182

Unite Berlin is the perfect opportunity to connect and collaborate with thousands of developers all focusing on technology, creativity, and ... 阅读更多

Unity Developer Day 2018 Tour

四月 10, 20187

The Unity Developer Day conference series is returning - now to more cities than ever before! Join Unity evangelists and industry developers... 阅读更多

Unity Unveils 2018 Roadmap at GDC

三月 20, 201829

We’re going bigger than ever at Game Developers Conference 2018. We kicked everything off with our Unity at GDC Keynote, which brought every... 阅读更多

Talking the future of tech at Web Summit 2017

十一月 17, 20176

Web Summit lives at the intersection of technology, society and culture, bringing together a diverse mix of big companies, start ups, politi... 阅读更多

Empowering Creators – Community Summit 2017

六月 19, 20172

We’ve just recently wrapped up our first Unity Community Summit here at our San Francisco office with a handful of our amazing community mem... 阅读更多

Introducing Women in Gaming: College Series

九月 1, 20165

Every day at Unity we’re working to make the industry we love one that’s more inclusive and representative of 52% of the people who play gam... 阅读更多

Unity & OGA Partner to Increase Speaker Diversity

八月 12, 20163

We are happy to announce the launch of a speaker database and event resource WISER - Women in Software & Entertainment Representation. Th... 阅读更多

Unity Developer Day – Mexico 2016

八月 3, 20167

What better way to unveil a new Unity event than with our incredible community in Mexico? We were thrilled to host the first-ever Unity Deve... 阅读更多

Dispatches from the frontlines: Pixelles @ GDC

八月 2, 2016

It’s no secret: we’re passionate about getting more women into gaming and empowering the ones who are here. While we’ve kicked off our own t... 阅读更多

Overcoming bias to become better leaders

六月 23, 20164

What we learned at the Women in Gaming Workshop San Francisco As you might know, today marks National Women in Engineering Day, a moment to... 阅读更多