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From camping in the classroom, to a real game dev studio

七月 3, 20137

The following post was written by Steffen Kabbelgaard, CEO of indie studio BetaDwarf. At the end of this post you can watch a short video in... 阅读更多

Commercial success with Unity’s free technology and tools

五月 28, 201311

We recently chatted with a couple of indie customers who released successful commercial content with the free version of Unity and the Basic... 阅读更多

How four indies conquered Kickstarter Part II

五月 12, 2013

Last Friday we published Part I of our story on how four indie customers successfully funded their games with Kickstarter. Part I focused ma... 阅读更多

How four indie teams got funded with Kickstarter: Part I

五月 3, 20134

The current Kickstarter landscape is crowded with spectacular successes and a fair share of dashed hopes. Launching your own funding project... 阅读更多

Unity games sweep App Store awards

二月 19, 201317

Right now, Unity is the world’s No.1 engine when it comes to mobile games. According to a 2012 Game Developer survey, Unity is far and away ... 阅读更多

Learn Unity Update #3 : Phase 1 and Lab Testing

二月 11, 201340

Here at Unity, since last August we've been pushing ahead with our plan to create a totally new learning area on the site, and as a larger c... 阅读更多

Bladeslinger: Pushing the Boundaries Part I

一月 15, 201310

Luma Arcade's recently released Bladeslinger for iOS (and soon to be on Android) pushes the boundaries of what can be achieved on mobile har... 阅读更多

Obsidian’s “Project Eternity” is Latest Kickstarter Project to Use Unity

九月 21, 20127

  We’re getting a lot of attention lately and we’re not going to lie, it feels pretty good. Obviously the announcement that Nintendo... 阅读更多

Introducing Humble Indie Bundle 6 . . . featuring Rochard!

九月 18, 20128

Hey! It’s your resident Penguin Pushers here, and we’ve got some exciting news! Humble Indie Bundle 6 is launching today, featuring Rochard:... 阅读更多

Made in Brighton!

九月 7, 20121

Unity was in full effect at the Made in Brighton games conference yesterday - getting a mention right off the bat in the first talk. The sou... 阅读更多

Creative Assembly Developer Profile

五月 15, 20128

The Creative Assembly is a veteran game studio celebrating its 25th birthday this year. Known for the Total War game series, they have recen... 阅读更多

Semantic Game Builder Interface to be Integrated Into Unity

四月 1, 201224

Unity Technologies today announced a new feature under development aimed at aiding game developers bring their visions into reality. The ... 阅读更多