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Going deep with IMGUI and Editor Customization

十二月 22, 201510

The new Unity UI system has now been out for over a year. So I thought I'd do a blog post about the old UI system, IMGUI. Strange timing, y... 阅读更多

Making the UI Backend Faster

九月 7, 201542

In Unity 4.6 / 5.0, the generation of batches for rendering of the UI system is very slow. This is due to a few factors, but ultimately our ... 阅读更多

4.6 is Released with Source for UI System!

十一月 26, 201458

Unity 4.6 also includes x86 support for Android – you can now select FAT, x86 or ARMv7 as a build target. This will allow you to export for ... 阅读更多

Unity 4.6 – New UI World Space Canvas

六月 30, 201443

The second in a series of reveal videos of the new UI tools coming soon in Unity 4.6, this time we show you a quick overview of creating 3D ... 阅读更多

Overview of the New UI System

五月 28, 2014112

The UI Team here at Unity has been hard at work getting the new UI system ready for release in Unity 4.6. While there’s still more work left... 阅读更多