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Unity Hackweek 2019: Tackling hard problems, building team skills

七月 8, 201910

What happens when you put 700+ people from Unity and our ecosystem in a secluded location once a year and tell them to solve hard tech, codi... 阅读更多

Creating together: Unity and Google Cloud

七月 27, 20187

At Unite Berlin, we announced an alliance with Google Cloud to make it easier for you to create connected games. Since then, we’ve been hard... 阅读更多

Unity Hackweek 2018: Creating X Together

七月 4, 20186

When do you do your best creative work? At Unity, we know that when you’re around people you trust, in a relaxed, friendly environment, and ... 阅读更多

Hackweek 2018 — The Unity way

六月 22, 201813

At Unity, we’re out to democratize development by enabling success for creators. As Global R&D HR Director, I’m focused on nurturing our... 阅读更多

#CodeSnippets: Toggle Vive’s front facing camera and “Tron Mode” at run time

六月 16, 20176

How to programmatically turn the front facing camera video and camera for chaperone bounds on and off on the HTC Vive. Unity’s 2017 hack ... 阅读更多

Hackers, InterWebz, and Fish Tacos

二月 22, 20174

In the harsh chill of a San Diego February... Well, it was a little drizzly and we couldn't wear shorts (most of the time). Anyway... 1... 阅读更多

Unity at Hack Week 11

五月 25, 201614

How do we maintain the fast pace of innovation and maintain a stable product at the same time? Hack weeks are a part of the answer. The prin... 阅读更多

Austin Hackweek: Operation Build Awesome Things

二月 25, 201625

In early February, Unity engineers from Ads, Analytics, Cloud Build, QA and R&D combined forces in Austin, Texas for a hackweek with a m... 阅读更多