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London Unity Usergroup 13: Hometown GP & Thomas Was Alone

七月 10, 20124

June 21st saw the 13th London Unity Usergroup. What's that you say? What happened to 12? well usergroup 12 was a 'social' with no talks, hen... 阅读更多

London Unity Usergroup 11

四月 27, 20129

London Southbank University, April 25th 2012 marked the 1 year anniversary of London Unity Usergroup. A celebration complete with free t-shi... 阅读更多

London Unity Usergroup 7

十一月 25, 2011

November 24th 2011, London Southbank University is host to the monthly London Usergroup. In this session, Will Goldstone and Christopher Pop... 阅读更多

London Unity Usergroup 5 & 6

十月 19, 20111

The London Unity Usergroup had its fifth and sixth events within the last 6 weeks (due to the former being delayed after the london riots), ... 阅读更多

London Unity Usergroup (LUUG) 3: String & Preloaded

六月 27, 20114

  London Southbank University, 23rd June 2011 – Unity users, newcomers and developers gather at the third London Unity User Group (LUU... 阅读更多