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标签存档: machine learning

ML-Agents v2.0 release: Now supports training complex cooperative behaviors

+4 五月 5, 20215

About one year ago, we announced the release of the ML-Agents v1.0 Unity package, which was verified for the 2020.2 Editor release. Today, w... 阅读更多

Happy holidays from the Unity ML-Agents team!

+1 十二月 28, 20202

On behalf of the Unity ML-Agents team, we want to wish everyone and their loved ones a happy holiday and new year!  As we close out 2020, we... 阅读更多

How Eidos-Montréal created Grid Sensors to improve observations for training agents

+2 十一月 20, 20202

Within Eidos Labs, several projects use machine learning. The Automated Game Testing project tackles the problem of testing the functionalit... 阅读更多

Robotics simulation in Unity is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

+5 十一月 19, 20207

Robot development workflows rely on simulation for testing and training, and we want to show you how roboticists can use Unity for robotics ... 阅读更多

2020 AI@Unity interns shoutout

+6 十一月 11, 2020

Each summer, interns join AI@Unity to develop highly impactful technology that forwards our mission to empower Unity developers with Artific... 阅读更多

Training a performant object detection ML model on synthetic data using Unity computer vision tools

+11 九月 17, 20204

Supervised machine learning (ML) has revolutionized artificial intelligence and has led to the creation of numerous innovative products. How... 阅读更多

The power of Unity in AI

+1 七月 24, 2020

Since 2018, Cross Compass has integrated Unity into the pipeline of several of its consulting services for the manufacturing field to train ... 阅读更多

Scaling Kubernetes Jobs for Unity Simulation

+4 六月 17, 20202

Unity Simulation enables product developers, researchers, and engineers to smoothly and efficiently run thousands of instances of parameteri... 阅读更多

Use Unity’s computer vision tools to generate and analyze synthetic data at scale to train your ML models

+4 六月 10, 20204

Synthetic data alleviates the challenge of acquiring labeled data needed to train machine learning models. In this post, the second in our b... 阅读更多

Exploring new ways to simulate the coronavirus spread

+5 五月 8, 20204

Computer simulation has been used for decades by researchers, engineers, problem solvers, and policy makers in many fields, including the st... 阅读更多

Artomatix joins Unity, bringing AI-assisted artistry to material creation workflows

三月 10, 202025

Advances in technology and the elevated expectations of today’s consumers continue to propel the demand for next-level content. The consider... 阅读更多

Learn to leverage Artificial Intelligence to enhance your Unity projects

三月 6, 202013

Our newest additions to the Unity Learn platform will teach you how to use Reinforcement Learning and AI to solve game development challenge... 阅读更多

Creating safer construction projects with virtual reality

三月 5, 20206

Laing O’Rourke, one of the largest privately-owned construction companies in the UK, harnessed the power of Unity’s real-time 3D development... 阅读更多