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Unity ML-Agents Toolkit v0.8: Faster training on real games

+3 四月 15, 20199

Today, we are releasing a new update to the Unity ML-Agents Toolkit that enables faster training by launching multiple Unity simulations run... 阅读更多

The Obstacle Tower Challenge is live!

二月 18, 20195

Three weeks ago we announced the release of the Obstacle Tower Environment, a new benchmark for Artificial Intelligence (AI) research built ... 阅读更多

Obstacle Tower Challenge: Test the limits of intelligence systems

一月 28, 201914

Today we are announcing the upcoming launch of the Obstacle Tower Challenge: a first-of-its-kind artificial intelligence challenge designed ... 阅读更多

Fostering AI Research: Meet us at AAAI-19

+1 一月 18, 20192

Last month, several members from the AI @ Unity team were present at NeurIPS in Montreal. At the Unity booth, we had the opportunity to meet... 阅读更多

ML-Agents Toolkit v0.6: Improved usability of Brains and Imitation Learning

十二月 17, 20184

We’ve added a two new enhancements in the Unity ML-Agents Toolkit v0.6 based on your feedback! The first enhancement improves the usability ... 阅读更多

Introducing Unity’s Guiding Principles for Ethical AI

十一月 28, 20184

At Unity, we fundamentally believe the world is a better place with more creators in it. It’s our mission every day to democratize developme... 阅读更多

Puppo, The Corgi: Cuteness Overload with the Unity ML-Agents Toolkit

+1 十月 2, 201810

Building a game is a creative process that involves many challenging steps including defining the game concept and logic, building assets an... 阅读更多

ML-Agents Toolkit v0.5, new resources for AI researchers available now

+1 九月 11, 20187

We are committed to working to help make Unity the go-to platform for Artificial Intelligence (AI) research. In the past few weeks, we’ve se... 阅读更多

Facial AR Remote: Animating with AR

八月 13, 201821

With the release of ARKit and the iPhone X paired with Unity, developers have an easy-to-use set of tools to create beautiful and expressive... 阅读更多

Solving sparse-reward tasks with Curiosity

六月 26, 201817

We just released the new version of ML-Agents toolkit (v0.4), and one of the new features we are excited to share with everyone is the abili... 阅读更多

Announcing Kinematica: Animation meets machine learning

六月 20, 201840

For years, I’ve been working on a challenging question: what if you could create your game without worrying about building complex animation... 阅读更多

Unity ML-Agents Toolkit v0.4 and Udacity Deep Reinforcement Learning Nanodegree

六月 19, 201815

We are happy to announce the release of the latest version of ML-Agents Toolkit: v0.4. It contains a number of features, which we hope every... 阅读更多

Imitation Learning in Unity: The Workflow

五月 24, 201814

With the release of ML-Agents toolkit v0.3 Beta, there are lots of new ways to use Machine Learning in your projects. Whether you’re working... 阅读更多