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Imitation Learning in Unity: The Workflow

五月 24, 201814

With the release of ML-Agents toolkit v0.3 Beta, there are lots of new ways to use Machine Learning in your projects. Whether you’re working... 阅读更多

ML-Agents Toolkit v0.3 Beta released: Imitation Learning, feedback-driven features, and more

三月 15, 20189

We are happy to announce that the ML-Agents team is releasing the latest version of our toolkit, v0.3. This is our biggest release yet, a... 阅读更多

Introducing the winners of the first ML-Agents challenge

二月 28, 20182

From the moment we introduced it last September, the developer community has wholeheartedly embraced the ML-Agents Toolkit beta.  We’ve seen... 阅读更多

Designing safer cities through simulations

一月 23, 20188

Every year 1.25 million people are killed in traffic accidents. In 2016, road crashes resulted in 40,000 deaths and 4.6 million injuries in ... 阅读更多

17 Unity blog highlights from 2017

十二月 31, 20172

It has been an exciting year here on the Unity blog, full of momentous announcements, powerful demos, and some amazing unity tips. We hav... 阅读更多

Using Machine Learning Agents Toolkit in a real game: a beginner’s guide

十二月 11, 201711

My name is Alessia Nigretti and I am a Technical Evangelist for Unity. My job is to introduce Unity’s new features to developers. My fellow ... 阅读更多

Introducing ML-Agents Toolkit v0.2: Curriculum Learning, new environments, and more

十二月 8, 20179

The Machine Learning team at Unity is happy to announce the release of a new version of Unity Machine Learning Agents Toolkit – v0.2 Beta! W... 阅读更多

Introducing: Unity Machine Learning Agents Toolkit

九月 19, 201772

Our two previous blog entries implied that there is a role games can play in driving the development of Reinforcement Learning algorithms. A... 阅读更多

Introducing Unity Labs’ New Global Research Fellowship Program

六月 27, 201712

One of Unity Labs’ missions is identifying and supporting cutting edge research. For 2017, we have identified a slate of research topics we ... 阅读更多