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Neon Challenge: Community Creations and Winners

三月 14, 20189

The Neon Challenge has wrapped up, challenging our community to create a real-time environment with the help of the Asset Store. Here are yo... 阅读更多

17 Unity blog highlights from 2017

十二月 31, 20172

It has been an exciting year here on the Unity blog, full of momentous announcements, powerful demos, and some amazing unity tips. We hav... 阅读更多

Asset Store: A year in review

十二月 18, 20179

This year you could get assets from demos like the real-time rendered Adam films and the TANKS multiplayer tutorial, as well as training and... 阅读更多

Neon Challenge: Cinemachine & Timeline community resources

十二月 9, 2017

Last week, we announced the Neon Challenge, a real-time environment art challenge inspired by Veselin Efremov’s project, Neon. A project tha... 阅读更多

Neon Challenge: Announcement

十二月 1, 201723

With $20,000 USD on the line, what futuristic real-time environment scene will you create using the power of Unity and the Asset Store? E... 阅读更多


十月 4, 201714

Neon is a small environment created by our Demo team’s creative director Veselin Efremov in just a couple of days, with Unity 2017.1 and mod... 阅读更多