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标签存档: performance reporting

Introducing the Profile Analyzer

+1 五月 13, 201915

Have you ever needed to compare the difference in performance between two versions of your project? See the impact of an asset or code chang... 阅读更多

Performance Reporting is now Cloud Diagnostics

十一月 6, 201810

Better name, new features, and now accessible to Unity Personal Edition users! If you’re familiar with Performance Reporting, then Unity Clo... 阅读更多

What’s new in Performance Reporting

十月 15, 20186

Performance Reporting is a great tool for staying on top of and prioritizing the issues players experience while running your game. This Uni... 阅读更多

The State Of Performance Reporting II

六月 23, 201616

Performance Reporting aims to be a suite of tools. At the moment, only exception reporting is available as a feature of our Performance Repo... 阅读更多

The State of Game Performance Reporting

十二月 2, 20158

Many of you have been using our Game Performance Reporting service to get crash reports, and asked questions about our plans going forward. ... 阅读更多