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Get to the point: PiXYZ 2019.2

十二月 5, 20192

The 2019.2 releases of PiXYZ STUDIO and PiXYZ PLUGIN are now available for current subscribers and new customers and bring some important re... 阅读更多


Streamline your data workflows with PiXYZ 2019.1

五月 8, 201913

The 2019.1 releases of PiXYZ STUDIO and PiXYZ PLUGIN for Unity deliver some major advancements, including new and improved algorithms, a rev... 阅读更多


Accelerating the BIM workflow for AEC with fast and flexible imports

四月 30, 20192

In April, we continued our AEC webinar series (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction), allowing audiences to see how VIATechnik put th... 阅读更多


Look closer. That’s the power of real-time 3D for AEC

三月 12, 20195

In March, we had our first webinar for AEC (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction), allowing audiences to see how to beautify models t... 阅读更多


Design, build and operate faster with the PiXYZ Plugin for AEC

一月 30, 20192


PiXYZ 2018.3 – Delivering on the potential

十二月 14, 20182

We’re excited to share the latest results from our close collaboration with PiXYZ – the release of 2018.3 versions of both the PiXYZ PLUGIN ... 阅读更多

Bringing Autodesk VRED data into real-time customer experiences

十一月 13, 20181

Autodesk and Unity are collaborating to provide new levels of interoperability, including the ability to quickly import high fidelity models... 阅读更多

Rendering in the fast lane: Real-time results for automotive

七月 3, 201813

Learn how a small team achieved jaw-dropping results in no time at all through CAD data import, prep, optimization with PiXYZ, Asset Store p... 阅读更多

Unity at Microsoft Build: 7 takeaways from the show

五月 11, 20183

The Microsoft Build 2018 developer conference just wrapped up in Seattle and Unity was there to learn about key announcements, talk about mi... 阅读更多