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Children of Morta: Bringing order to the chaos of procedural generation

十一月 30, 20184

When Dead Mage created Children of Morta, a narrative-driven 2D dungeon crawler, they ran into some challenges balancing the roguelike eleme... 阅读更多

Procedural patterns you can use with Tilemaps (Part I)

五月 29, 20187

Many creators have used procedural generation to add some diversity to their game. Some notable mentions include the likes of Minecraft, or ... 阅读更多

A Primer on Repeatable Random Numbers

一月 7, 201520

If you're creating anything procedural, you're almost guaranteed to come in need of random numbers at one point. And if you want to be able ... 阅读更多

London Unity Usergroup 10

四月 2, 20122

Thursday 29th March 2012 saw the tenth London Unity Usergroup, and a fantastic talk by Tom Betts. Tom specialises in procedural and generati... 阅读更多

Procedural materials tutorial – Substance in Unity

八月 9, 201122

This guide is designed to briefly explain what Substance is, how to create new substance materials from a substance material asset, apply th... 阅读更多