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Unity at SIGGRAPH 2020: Bringing together communities of creators online

+1 八月 20, 2020

Unity is proud to be a Champion Sponsor of the SIGGRAPH 2020 Virtual Conference, enabling creators everywhere to take part together with tho... 阅读更多

The most wonderful (real)time of the year

十二月 23, 20193

The excitement of the holiday season is all around us. It’s in the ambient festive buzz. The queues at the shops. The crowded flights, train... 阅读更多

Watch the Unity Graphics Sessions from SIGGRAPH 2019

九月 3, 20191

If you weren’t able to attend SIGGRAPH this year or missed one of our presentations in the Unity Sessions room, you can now watch them on ou... 阅读更多

Unity at SIGGRAPH 2019: Workshops, talks, demos, and more

+1 七月 26, 20193

Unity will be at SIGGRAPH 2019 showing the latest in real-time high-fidelity graphics, artist tools and workflows, augmented reality (AR), v... 阅读更多

Powering the Real-Time Revolution at SIGGRAPH

八月 29, 20182

SIGGRAPH is the melting pot where the newest of technologies and the brightest of minds come together under one roof. This year’s conference... 阅读更多

Unity for Film: Real-time cinematic technology at SIGGRAPH 2018

八月 13, 20185

Unity believes that the future of filmmaking is real-time, and this year at SIGGRAPH we are celebrating cinematic storytelling in CG animati... 阅读更多

Unity debuts new artist tools and innovations at SIGGRAPH 2017

八月 4, 20179

This week Unity stormed SIGGRAPH 2017 -- the world’s largest and most influential computer graphics conference -- giving attendees an in-dep... 阅读更多

An Artist-Friendly Workflow for Panoramic HDRI

八月 28, 2016

SIGGRAPH course 2016: An Artist-Friendly Workflow for Panoramic HDRI Image-based lighting (IBL) with high dynamic range images (HDRI) is ... 阅读更多

A Practical Introduction to Frequency Analysis of Light Transport

八月 3, 2016

ACM SIGGRAPH Courses 2016Frequency Analysis of Light Transport is a way to express Physically Based Rendering using tools from signal proces... 阅读更多

Real-Time Area Lighting: a Journey from Research to Production

八月 3, 2016

Real-time area lighting has been a long-running quest in games, with many avenues (and dead ends!) explored, but recent research has provide... 阅读更多

Real-Time Polygonal-Light Shading with Linearly Transformed Cosines

五月 26, 2016

 Eric Heitz, Jonathan Dupuy, Stephen Hill and David Neubelt ACM SIGGRAPH 2016 Motivation Shading with area lights adds a great deal of re... 阅读更多