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Microsoft and Unity announce HoloLens 2 Development Edition

五月 2, 20194

Releasing later this year alongside the launch of HoloLens 2, the all-new HoloLens 2 Development Edition offers even more value to jump-star... 阅读更多

Unity offers: Holiday sales guide

十一月 20, 20172

‘Tis the season for giving thanks and to thank our passionate community of creators. We’ve rounded up some amazing deals this season to help... 阅读更多


六月 28, 201694

新版的Unity商店已经上线运营。新版商店将销售基于订阅模式的许可证。 Unity的最终目标是:人人都能使用Unity引擎。 因此我们此次新产品架构背后的主要目的是可以让您按需付费。新版本许可证中将包含引擎的全部功能,支持创建并优化高端游戏,并进行全平台发布。 ... 阅读更多

Evolution of our products and pricing

六月 16, 2016402

A few weeks ago we announced new products and pricing. Some of you were very happy with what were lower prices for you, while others of you ... 阅读更多

Subscription! Why?

六月 5, 2016235

Over the last days I've been reading all comments about the new products and prices, and first of all, do know that we are very carefully li... 阅读更多

New Unity products and prices launching soon

五月 31, 2016614

At Unite Europe, we announced new products that will launch soon. If you are an existing customer we will be inviting you to transition over... 阅读更多