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How A/B testing can help you optimize your mobile game

七月 13, 20206

A/B testing takes away the guesswork from the process of improving games. In games, at any one time, countless variables have an impact o... 阅读更多

Testing Test-Driven Development with the Unity Test Runner

十一月 2, 201817

Test-driven development (TDD) is the practice of writing automated tests for a piece of code before writing the code itself. In this blog po... 阅读更多

Setting the standard for excellence: Unity Certifications for Technical Artists now available worldwide

二月 8, 20186

We have created the only advanced professional certifications for Technical Artists in the games industry. Register here to take the exam! ... 阅读更多

A look inside: Scenario testing for Unity 2017.2

十月 31, 20172

Unity 2017.2 released earlier this month and we in QA are happy to share some results of our latest scenario test week. Previous testing ses... 阅读更多

Verifying the scripting docs – Fun with EditorTests

八月 18, 201718

When I encounter an API in Unity that I am unfamiliar with the first thing I (and most of us) do is go to the Unity Scripting API Manual to ... 阅读更多

A look inside: Core Foundation team and improving Unity’s testing practices

七月 21, 20176

Pictured above: Me (right) fighting a developer (left) about our testing practices and standards. As a Software Developer Engineer in Tes... 阅读更多

A Look Inside: Scenario Testing at Unity

一月 3, 201722

As outlined in the Unity Engine QA Process blogpost, every Unity release goes through a number of test phases before it is released. Here I ... 阅读更多

A look inside: The Quest for Green Automation

九月 8, 2016

One of the hardest things to achieve in any software development process is having an almost always green set of automated tests. Just like ... 阅读更多

Mocking, faking, and stubbing C++

十一月 25, 201510

Here’s a look at a new approach we're trying for doing unit testing in a huge C++ legacy codebase that is largely hostile to testing. We th... 阅读更多

The Unity Assertion Library

八月 25, 20157

Unity 5.1 shipped with a brand new Assertion Library. In this post, we will explain what an assertion is and how you can use it to improve r... 阅读更多

Leveraging Unity Cloud Build for testing large projects

六月 26, 201510

This is a story about how we are using Unity Cloud Build internally and how it can make life easier for you, our users, as well. Read on to ... 阅读更多

Unit testing at the speed of light with Unity Test Tools

七月 28, 201421

It’s time to tell a little bit more about NSubstitute library that ships with our Unity Test Tools and patterns of it’s effective usage. ... 阅读更多

Unity’s test automation team

七月 15, 20145

Hello everybody, my name is Elvis Alistar and I have been working with Unity for more than 2 years. I am responsible for leading the team of... 阅读更多