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Case Study: A game for conflict-affected youth to learn and grow

+1 六月 13, 20184

Unity enables the creation of a huge range of games and experiences, including innovative tools for learning and training.  These range from... 阅读更多

Get hired in VR/AR: Unity partners with Udacity on Nanodegree program credentials to help you get hired!

十月 4, 201711

VR job openings are up 800% year-over-year. Combined with the release of ARKit, which now puts AR capability in the pockets of nearly 400 mi... 阅读更多

Crash course training days in the UK

六月 19, 201430

We’re excited to announce a series of training days across the UK, running throughout the rest of the year. These workshops are a high-inten... 阅读更多

No Limits – Unity in Cross Industry Development

六月 5, 201415

We’re definitely happy that we’ve had a role in the awesome changes that are making the games industry a more even playing field for develop... 阅读更多

Unite 2013 Training Day

九月 4, 201320

This year at Unite 2013, two hundred and fifty people arrived at the Unite conference a day before the keynote, to take part in the training... 阅读更多

Unity Training

五月 14, 201311

Hello! Just over a year ago I joined Unity as a Trainer and Consultant. In this role, I've been travelling to customers around the world ... 阅读更多

Unity Serious Games Highlight Reel at I/ITSEC 2012

十二月 3, 20128

Unity is used to create a lot of interactive software outside of the video game industry. Everything from architectural visualizations to mi... 阅读更多