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Multiplayer Connected Games: First steps forward

九月 12, 201848

As part of our commitment to solving challenges for connected games development, we’ve focused first on real-time multiplayer games, and we’... 阅读更多

Unity Services are just a few clicks away

九月 10, 201515

The Services Window is new in Unity 5.2. It’s your in-editor gateway to Unity Ads, Unity Analytics, Unity Cloud Build, and Unity Multiplayer... 阅读更多

Unity Multiplayer in Super Dungeon Bros

四月 14, 201514

The first phase of our plan to create a networking solution that allows Unity developers to build multiplayer games for any type of game wit... 阅读更多

UNET SyncVar

五月 29, 201449

This post discusses state synchronization in networked Unity games. We begin with a summary of how this is done in the existing (legacy) Uni... 阅读更多

Announcing UNET – New Unity Multiplayer Technology

五月 12, 201473

Before joining Unity, members of the networking team worked mainly on MMOs such as Ultima Online, Lord of the Rings Online, Dungeons and Dra... 阅读更多