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WebAssembly Load Times and Performance

九月 17, 20185

A few weeks ago we talked about WebAssembly and its advantages over asm.js. As promised, now it’s time to look at the performance and load t... 阅读更多

WebAssembly is here!

八月 15, 201831

It’s been a while since we announced our intention to switch to WebAssembly (a.k.a. Wasm) as the output format for the Unity WebGL build tar... 阅读更多

Linear Rendering Support with WebGL 2.0

七月 17, 20179


Low-Level Plugins in Unity WebGL

一月 19, 201711

Last year we launched a series of technical blog posts on WebGL, starting with a couple of posts on memory. Now it's time to continue with a... 阅读更多

Unity WebGL Memory: The Unity Heap

十二月 5, 201610

In the previous Unity WebGL blog post, we explained that memory works differently compared to other platforms; we told you the Unity Heap sh... 阅读更多

Understanding Memory in Unity WebGL

九月 20, 201619

Since we shipped Unity WebGL, we have put a lot of effort into optimizing memory consumption. We’ve also been explaining how memory works in... 阅读更多

Updated WebGL Benchmark Results

十二月 15, 201538

A bit over a year ago, we released a blog post with performance benchmarks for Unity WebGL, to compare WebGL performance in different browse... 阅读更多

Unity 5.3 WebGL Updates

十二月 7, 201532

The upcoming Unity 5.3 release is the fourth version of Unity to support WebGL publishing. We have made a lot of progress since we first shi... 阅读更多

Unity Web Player Roadmap

十月 8, 201597

In late 2013, Google announced a plan to deprecate support for NPAPI plugins (such as our Unity Web Player) in its Chrome browser. Now, it i... 阅读更多

WebGL: WebAssembly and Feature Roadmap

六月 18, 201523

Yesterday, engineers from Google, Microsoft and Mozilla (makers of Chrome, Edge and Firefox) announced that they are working on a new cross-... 阅读更多

Web Publishing Following Chrome NPAPI Deprecation

五月 28, 201542

With Google about to complete the deprecation of NPAPI support in their Chrome browser, we’ve been receiving some questions about what the b... 阅读更多

R&D Christmas update

十二月 23, 201441

The end of 2014 is coming, and so we thought that it would be good to let our users know about the progress we are making in adding iOS 64-b... 阅读更多

The future of Web publishing in Unity – an update

十月 28, 201435

In the fall of 2013 Google announced their plans to discontinue NPAPI support in the Google Chrome browser by the end of 2014. The NPAPI is ... 阅读更多