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Just had this chat conversation:

Joachim: yeah it’s awesome
Joachim: function Start () { /* super secret code snippet */ }
Aras: whoa
Joachim: it rocks
Joachim: automatically instantiates material for you
Joachim: the same way we do it for scripts
Joachim: best thing since sliced bread i think
Aras: :)
Aras: hey, back in the day the terrain was best thing since sliced bread!
Joachim: sliced bread appears to be always worse depending on what i work on.
Aras: maybe sliced bread is just not so good in fact
Aras: sliced bread is overrated

And no, I won’t say what we were talking about :)

7 replies on “Sliced bread is overrated”

This quote needs to go on a t-shirt:
«Joachim: sliced bread appears to be always worse depending on what i work on»

I’m making one for myself regardless

You know what would be better than sliced bread?

«Projected shadow on terrain»

Can you get this working for us please?
Right now all our characters has no f*cking shadow


So what is better than sliced bread? Croûtons? They are the next step after slicing the bread, and since they are toasted, they will not get stale as fast as the bread. :-P

That’s exactly it Jon.

Ok, not. >.< But I can say that super secret code snippet is pretty darn cool! Our engineers rock and I think everyone out there will love what we've got cookin' for your next helping of Unity goodness.

I bet it’s that visual shader graph, except you can draw your shader graph in ASCII art and it takes care of the rest for you. :p

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