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From left to right you’ll spot me, Amir, David and Sam, we’re all here for the Austin GDC conference and so far each time we’ve made our way outside we’ve run into folks that recognize us or that want to ask questions about Unity. That includes last night, while standing along a bridge in the dark to watch bats fly about below us, David managed to get roped in by someone asking questions about Unity! Today has been no different, we had folks chat us up while registering, while walking around and even during breakfast!

The conference calendar has today as a sessions-only day and exhibitors don’t get to attend those, bummer! But tomorrow the expo floor opens up and we once again expect to have a super busy booth and thus the extra muscle (last year we only had Sam and I here). Anyone that’s in town for the conference should come by and say hello (booth 130), everyone else should stay tuned for updates as I hope to post more photos and let everyone know just how well it goes.

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