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Here is a typical view of our booth with people spilling out into the aisle:

We spent both days of the expo talking to countless people about Unity, giving demos of Unity authoring, showing off content as well as breaking out our latest and arguably most exciting skunk works demo of the Unity engine running on a pair of iPod Touches! The demo is rather simple, a basic flying/shooting game that uses the accelerometer to allow tilt control of your ship and touch controls to adjust speed and to fire. It was super cool to demo our engine on the iPhone and it only drove the interest level up:

Naturally the conference featured ample time for us to socialize with folks away from the booth as well. We spent time chatting up a few Unity developers, met and had dinner with some great folks from Hoffstra Univsersity and we of course attended more than a few conference parties. To cap it off I even spent our last night in town watching Sam compete in a Rock Band tournament, the Level Up Charity Games event raising money (by charging an entry fee) for charity:

Austin was great, it’s a really fun city to meet and the conference itself is fantastic. It’s grown from a small event to one with 2000 attendees (or so I heard), and it’s set to get even bigger next year. We’re up to the task and have already reserved our (larger) booth for next year. We’ll see you in Austin in 2009 y’all!