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It’s been an exciting year for us at Unity Technologies and it’s only getting better. Not only are we on the doorstep of the release of our Unity iPhone Publishing support, but we’re also on the doorstep of our second ever (and now yearly) Unity developer conference, Unite 2008. Then to cap it all off we’re now thrilled to announce a guest speaker that will help deliver the opening keynote presentation, Phil Harrison! w00t!

If you don’t recognize that name then maybe you live in a cave or you’ve just been a bit too busy these last few years to take note of a prominent figure in the gaming industry. He’s the President of Atari for starters, but you can go here on Wikipedia to learn more about who he is. Otherwise go here to learn more about Unite 2008, I hope we see you there!

1 reply on “Unite 2008 update: Phil Harrison to speak!”

Phil Harrison, he is famous for long-term contribution to SONY. That’s great to have him attend the conference.

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