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Wow, all I can say is wow. Last week was intense to say the least as we not only held Unite ’08, our second ever Unity developer conference, but we also released our iPhone publishing support (more on that in a separate post). The conference was incredible, the attendance figures more than doubled (180 this year compared to 80 last year), we had none other than Phil Harrison participating in the keynote presentation and we had more sessions, two parties and an all around fantastic time.

I spent most of the time dashing about trying to keep the machine moving, presenters ready and attendees properly herded into the appropriate rooms. Despite that I was able to meet and speak with a lot of people, including a number of forum regulars (Thomas, Martin, Emil and many others), and I was able to meet up with a lot of folks relatively new to the Unity community. Overall the feedback I heard was that the conference was enjoyed by all and that the material presented was very useful and informative. I’m sitting here with a stack of tapes as we recorded all sessions, next up will be to edit those and get them posted online for all to view. Stay tuned!

My mind is already wandering and thinking about Unite ’09, where it will be, how many people will attend and how we can make it even better than this year. But first I need to catch up on all the email, voice mail and other work. Thanks to everyone that made this year so great, to all my coworkers at Unity Technologies and Unity Studios, to the gang from Flashbang Studios/ for helping sponsor both the Unity Mingle events we held, to all the guest speakers that participated and of course to everyone that attended the event. I’ll see y’all in 2009!

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Even though we did some pre-unite meets, I still didn’t have the time to meet half as many of the people as I would have liked to. Awesome conference – after I crashed hard Friday I found some new energy and started working on some of the ideas I’d gotten during the event.

Too little time. I wonder if I’ll be finished for unite ’09…

PHEW indeed – Tom – You were a «Brick» as they say – Congratulations to eveyone, the organisation of upwards of 200 people was brilliant. Meeting everyone was awesome and being present for iPhone launch, Phil Harrison, Fusion Fall, as Martin says above – amazing! Thanks for everything! I hope to be at Unite 2009.

Thanks Tom! It’s now a few days after Unite and I’m still exhausted but super happy as this was such a wonderful experience to meet you all, attend to the sessions, see new things, new Unity releases, talk game dev and all this. Just simply amazing. The 3 days went over like in a minute.. nah, like in a second. I hope we see us all again (and many new people!) on Unite 2009 – wherever it will be! :-)

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