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I suppose that this may technically be round number 2 as we tried this once already, but we had short notice (even shorter than this round) and only Sam and I were online to play. So let’s call this round 1 and get it right! I’m keen on getting together with the Unity community every so often and playing various games online. For this round we’ll be playing Halo 3 on the XBox 360 but over time we will expand the repertoire to include Unity games, other console games, etc., variety is the spice of life y’know! If you’re interested in playing some time, and you have any specific requests for other games/platforms then feel free to share those in a comment below.

Unity Community Online Gaming: Round 1
Platform/Game: XBox 360 / Halo 3
Date/Start Time: Saturday, February 28th / 10am PST

If you’re interested in playing then please let me know by either adding a comment below or by writing me at tom(at)unity3d(dot)com. When doing so please let me know your XBox Live Gamer Tag as well as your Unity Community Forums handle (if you’re a member). I will update this post with information as necessary.

It’s on!

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Oh, and please stay on topic, posting here about 2.5 is not appropriate as this post has *nothing* at all to do with that release, thanks. ;)

@joeyzhang: stop frowning, get yourself over to the forum thread (see my first comment post above it has the URL) and start arranging a game night you’d enjoy and be able to participate in. This not one of those «I’ll sit back and wait for someone to hand it to me on a platter» situations, go start one yourself. :)

It seems that the next event is some Wii Smash Brothers action this Sunday, look for a post on that later tody!

I am in of course. Although I am not a Halo fan whatsoever I would still like to be part of it whenever I can. Sam and I both have Lost Planet Colonies so maybe him and I will battle it out there. Others are welcome of course.

Yeah, good call Joe! I do have a 360 but online gaming is what PC’s are for, (unless you wanna play a driving sim or SF4) so lets get the ball rolling with some L4D, TF2, DOD and other source engine gooeyness!

Awesome idea… unfortunately I can’t partake in 360 games as I don’t own one, but I’m up for setting up some steam based antics on L4D and TF2. Also some PS3 action would be a cool idea too!

Hi Tom,

I’m burnumd on both XBL and the Unity forums. I’m setting an alarm on my phone for Saturday now.

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