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As part of our ongoing efforts to improve how we go about our business I’m excited to report that we’ve begun a bit of an experiment to improve how we gather user wish-list items and general product feedback. Until now we’ve only had the Unity Community Forums and more specifically the Wish List area there in particular. While that’s worked well enough, it’s just not the right way to go about things. I say that because it’s hard to pull any quantifiable feedback and it’s very weak in terms of general organization for such an effort. Today we’ve unveiled our experiment and that’s the use of User Voice, a web based feedback tool that lets folks like you post your wishes and use your own voice to vote for those items you think are most valuable to you. Your votes are limited* so use them wisely!

Unity Feedback (for general Unity feedback)
Unity iPhone Feedback (for Unity iPhone specific feedback)

*Some folks have expressed mild dismay at the notion of limited votes, if that wasn’t in place the folks would simply vote on everything and we lose any data about what’s really important to you. So when your votes are capped the challenge is on and you must decide carefully, thus giving us better data.

5 replies on “Unity wishes or product feedback? Use your voice!”

@Marty: your votes are yours. If you vote some idea up, and then change your mind, you can always un-vote it. When the idea is marked as «done», all votes for it are returned to the voters automatically.

Yeah, I was wondering about doing that myself, but that might muddy the value of the votes.

Tom, you think maybe once a suggestion is tagged as «started» or «planned» you could put it in a special cue and then give us those votes back to assign to new or otherwise non-planned/started suggestions?

@Marty, I actually remove votes from ideas that have gained momentum, maybe I think backward :|

That’s not really workable as there isn’t a specific «end of voting» time, instead it will sort of stay open and really only be «cleared» when we remove items after they’re implemented.

It might be a good idea though to hide the number of votes and rank for individual items until the end of the voting though, so as to avoid a «rich get richer» effect.

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