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During the last six weeks, the selected participants for Unity’s first Summer of Code program have been working hard at making the ideas from their proposals come to life. It has been very exciting for us at Unity to see what people can do with our product with a good idea and six weeks of hard work.

The mentors at Unity will be doing a final review of their projects, and work with the participants to make sure it’s all nicely wrapped up and ready to be published on our website. We’ll put up another blog post when that happens.

It might take some time though, as some participants might be catching up on some sleep :)

7 replies on “Summer of Code. It’s a wrap!”

I also don’t think I’ll be able to figure out those upgrades myself, so please upgrade the Reference Manuel and the Scripting Manuel. :-]

I wish there was a deadline for these new upgrades. (Because my game is on a deadline and I need them for the big finale.

thank you guys for such a good work.
specially ben did a great job about those beautiful explosions.
it can help new customers to be sure about unity!
hey unity staff keep on this kind of programs and make the docs as well as MSDN docs or like some other engines like Gamestudio A7 and also integerate these tools to next release of unity and then you have tools that no other engine has in it’s features altho torque’s terrain tools are better i think (i did not used it and just saying this from their feature list and set of terrain features)

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