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So finally I’m uploading the photos after a day of great news!

First we start with all the people crowded at the hall of the conference room:
DSC01130Also some of the Unity guys were waiting for the big event!

DSC01140Then we were able to get into the room, everyone was very excited!

DSC01144Finally the keynote started! Big news about Unity 2.6 and Unity indie becoming free!

DSC01148Our special guest from EA finished the keynote.

DSC01154After the keynote Joachim, Lucas and Joe Robins showed us new things in 2.6 (the profiler and the new animation system).


Then after the «new things in Unity 2.6» talk, we got our lunch, and some people came to our open mic and showed off their projects.

After that there were more talks, but the battery of my camera died :(

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s photos!

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  1. Quick question (two actually), does a person have to be on a mac to do iPhone development? Do you have to have the iPhone License to develop for the iPhone or do you just need the license to publish for the iPhone?

    Thanks for making the free Unity!

  2. You Rock Joe!!! Looking forward to seeing the presentation online sometime next year :D