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Hey everyone,

We’ve just shipped Unity 2.6.1 out to the world. This release includes a Webplayer that is compatible with 64-bit Safari on Snow Leopard, and fixes for problems affecting terrain trees and some asset importing.  This upgrade is recommended for all users.

You can see all the good stuff here:

And download the latest build here:


3 replies on “Unity 2.6.1 Released!”

You guys should provide a link for Safari 64 bit users to upgrade their webplayer. Either that or update your detection code. Right now I can’t view any Unity content and can’t find where to install the new web player.

@Ashkan: the goal of 2.6.1 was to fix critical bugs and release it as soon as possible. The goal was not to fix all bugs that exist in the product; for any product that can take eternity.

thank you
some of the problems are solved but what about others?
for example: the byte variables inspector is GUI control is a checkbox yet.

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