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At Unite ’09 Paulius Liekis and I did a presentation on Character Animation Tips & Tricks. We discussed a range of animation techniques such as realistic foot placement, procedural aiming and head turning, and how to smoothly turn procedural adjustments on and off while reloading. We had prepared a tech demo demonstrating these techniques, and we promised to make the project folder available online shortly after the conference.

Well, the videos from Unite ’09 ended up not coming out quite as soon as we had originally planned, but the good thing is that we’ve been able to improve the demo in the meantime. I’ve been spending some Fridays improving it from a pure tech demo to a small game with actual gameplay. Shoot the hovering orb repeatedly to make it break and go into a frenzy before finally exploding! Give it a go (click the image to go to the live demo):

Can you take down the Orb at the insane difficulty level?

Can you take down the Orb at the insane difficulty level?

Besides demonstrating animation techniques, the demo is also a complete game with gameplay, particles, physics, ragdolls, pause game handling, and more.

To learn more about how this demo was done, grab the 3rd Person Shooter example project and watch the video of the Character Animation Tips & Tricks presentation from Unite ’09.

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  1. Question

    Is it possible in the future (maybe with Unity 3D 3.0?)
    To make 3D web pages without Unity Webplayer?. How? maybe with WebGL

    That the best thing you can do. 3D web pages without a plug-in.

    Then if you were the best


  2. What about the car demo, guys?

  3. Rune Skovbo Johansen

    febrero 16, 2010 a las 8:20 pm

    I know Insane mode is not that hard – after all, I can beat it myself. ;) It was most important for us to get the easy modes right, so everyone can get to see the cool effects in the end. People are welcome to download and modify the project, and post their own webplayers with improved gameplay or other changes. :)

  4. Nice to see this guy put into an actual game context! (Although ‘insanse’ mode is pretty easily beaten by just strafing round in a circle while keeping the sight on the orb and fire held down!)

  5. Thank you for releasing this demo with the source code. I already use the HeadLookController for aiming and head turning, but this complete playable demo is really a must.

  6. You can also run in circles when it shoots.
    We need a contest for the best user made Drone AI! =)

  7. I beat it on insane :)

    You have to hide behind the planter a alot.