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It was almost two years ago that we moved our Copenhagen office to a really cozy house in Frederiksberg. There were just about a dozen of us in the office, and we felt that the place encapsulated the spirit of Unity at the time. We know that over time many of you came to love that office as much as we did (we all had a lot of fun there, didn’t we?). Unfortunately, over the last year, it became increasingly apparent that we were outgrowing the space and that a larger office would soon become required. We held out as long as possible, but about a month ago we decided that it was finally time to make the move.

Here’s the last peek into the old office as we closed the door behind us. The empty offices bring back fond memories of a constantly growing company, late nights spent crunching on Unity releases and the gallons upon gallons of coffee consumed at my desk.

The Old Office

Without further ado, I would like to introduce our new office with more than ample space and meeting rooms everywhere. Following are some snapshots taken just after we moved in.

photo lunchroom

At the moment, the walls are a little barren. If any of you have interesting artwork (high resolution screenshots of Unity games!) that we could hang on our walls, let me know.

Update: Send any artwork you want us to consider decorating our walls with to

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I have just emailed you with some PSDs that might fit your wall. Now, just let us updated on the decoration, lol

@pjohnsen: I just got back from Copenhagen (was there last week so I could attend the Nordic Game conference) and I can say that the office is no longer in Frederiksberg, it’s back in Copenhagen proper but out by the US Embassy as I understand it. I only visited the office once all week due to a short trip and a bank holiday on Friday, sorry I’m light on details!

Where is the new office located? Still in Frederiksberg? You guys should make a housewaeming :)

having a good environment is one of the listings of programmer’s bill of rights. hopefully you’ll make a better software in a better office. however all good softwares are result of dark room/garage coding and unity is not an exception in any ways. i want to know that founders feeling about this changes!!!

Congrats on your new office! Looking forward to see pics of it with artwork from unity games plastered all over the walls! :-)

Hey Rafael! We really haven’t set a minimum or maximum size for this, but the bigger the better :) Looking forward to seeing what you guys can come up with, as the walls here are _veeery_ white at the moment.



Hey guys, congrats to the new office. We have a couple artworks, just wanted to know what the minimum size you need these files?

Kudos to one of the most productive teams on earth. With great office space will come a greater and better X platform Game Engine/IDE:)


Congratulations on the new offices, they look magnificent – but I see why you need something on the walls.

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