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Dear  community, developers, friends.

Yet another wonderful thing has befallen us – Unity has been nominated for the Game Developer’s 2010 Frontline Awards in the category «Best Engine». We were a runner up last year, but since then we’ve released Unity 3, soft-launched Unity for Android, and are coming well along with both Xbox 360 and PS3 support. So we think we might have a chance.

The decision is made by a voting system so in the end it’s up to you, the developers! Feel free to make your voice be heard: may whichever engine you think deserves to win, win!

Speak up right here: Frontline Awards Voting Page.

(… I’ll wait …)

Lot’s of love and thank you so much. See you out there in the community – some of you even at the Unite conference, just a week from now!

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  1. Voted!
    AND I’ll be at the Unite conference!

  2. Already voted for you guys… good luck (unity3d is definitely the best engine)

  3. voted!

  4. Wow!,…To do.Unity is NO1.Haa~

  5. Will be there a demo video about the Allegorithmic Substance technology ?

  6. Voted for Unity !

  7. I voted for you :D

  8. Voted for awesome Unity 3 :)

  9. You have my vote.

  10. Done! Definitely more than happy to help you guys. Unity has literally changed my life. It’s not often you can say that about something as simple as a piece of software.

  11. +1 vote for this wonderful engine.
    Come on!!! Unity deserve to Win this time,
    They have so much Innovation which have made
    the engine far superior than anything out there.