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Unity Technologies is excited to announce the release of Unity 3.4 – a free update to all existing Unity 3.x users.

Through the integration of Allegorithmic’s Substance technology, Unity 3.4 features highly customizable procedural textures that can be adjusted both within the Unity editor and at runtime. Using substances in Unity, developers can stream high quality textures in just a few kilobytes, significantly reducing download times. Those textures can also be modified in real time on PC and Mac or baked into traditional textures for mobile platforms. Substances also include smart filters allowing artists to make awesome bitmaps and optimize their texturing pipeline.

Other notable new features and enhancements include:

  • Editor enhancements, such as user-assignable Scene View icons and modifiable primitive colliders, allow for more efficient game development.
  • Optimizations and performance improvements on everything from shadow renderers to animation components result in increased visual quality and faster rendering.
  • Downloadable content with caching for complete scenes and asset bundles leads to smaller downloads and improved player experience across all platforms.

Unity 3.4 also contains hundreds of minor improvements and fixes. Complete release notes can be found at: or you can download it and check it out.

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  1. Looking forward for 3.5 already ^_^ Just amazing how Unity developed in last two years.

  2. When will the Wheel Colliders support the clampled friction model? That will be awesome, allowing to do realistic vehicle physics easier… It´s a easy and useful update I think…

  3. Still no Multiple Render Targets though ?

  4. @dj we both know that’s not going to happen anytime soon.

  5. when should we expect a linux version ?

  6. Signed sealed and delivered! Another masterpiece from the UT guys. now, and even more painful wait for the 3.5 begins !

  7. 16x & 16xQ is most certainly supported among most GPU’s (actually even 32x on more modern cards) (all CSAA). Please amend that statement in the «what’s new section.

  8. Excellent release! Unity has become more awesome :D

    Just one thing, the #pragma strict wastes Array()….I’m getting some headaches for using a Javascript array for storing custom classes…now is nearly useless without temp variables :(

  9. Great releae guys!
    specially drag to make prefab and bug fixes.
    alegorithmic surely is something huge! it’s good to have substances with more indie prices. for examples having 5 $99 substance collections for $200 or so on.

  10. UT Guys, can i request some blog post about Water4? maybe somekind like tech behind it, documentation and how to use it?

    And Congratulations for the release.

  11. I shall give it a go tonight!!!
    Unity revolutionized the game industry and it is getting better and better.

    Thank you for your hard work,
    Long life to the Unity Cru.

  12. The change to the Configurable Joint no longer being able to work in world space broke my game!

  13. And finally Umbra is working properly (almost) – it culls objects used to water reflection… funny side effect. It would be good to have ability to set cameras which use occlusion culling.

  14. Bless you, it’s working great!!!

  15. Great work guys, thanks for the hard work!

  16. Read most of the changelog and found out that the strict ‘#pragma strict’ compilation mode just became stricter.

  17. Any pic or videos to show us of the new version?

  18. @Rune: thanks for the info, that makes it perfect news!

  19. Rune Skovbo Johansen

    julio 27, 2011 a las 9:01 am

    @Kui: Allegorithmic is working on making Substance support for mobiles happen. It will likely be in a future version of Unity.

  20. Great work, thank you so much!!
    …but please bear with me if I directly adress one point that I was counting on heavily: substance textures can only be baked for use on mobile devices? No native use?
    Oh… and I thought procedural substances would be especially useful for reducing texture sizes on mobiles.
    Could be please clarify why it’s not possible? I guess it has to do with processing power?
    Everything else is superb though, don’t wanna spoil the party! ;)

  21. Yeh. Great!

    1/2 day lost to read all the new features and fixes :D

  22. Jason, you can easily do your dynamic fluid surfaces with some 3d maths and a shader. Or pay someone to do it for you.
    Or better, why not create a feedback on the feedback site? See how many supporters you get, ho knows, maybe you can have it for 3.5. :P

  23. awesome, can’t wait to play

  24. where is » low latency audio buffer access» in Unity3.4?
    not implement?

  25. Awsome. Have been looking forward to all the mobile improvements. Great work!

  26. Great release guys. Unity workflow is now even beter!

  27. Oh boy,
    Here we go again with the fluid surface stuff.

  28. Congrats guys! Well done! Love all the bug fixes and new features.

  29. now when you push shift, you can scale collider with small green handlers as it has on occlusion culling area

  30. Cool. I am interested by what «Modifiable primitive colliders» means.